Dawnie Dahir
You are magnificent just because you are you!

“You are magnificent just because you are you,” is a line from my children’s book, Let Me Give You A Whisper.  It is truly the way I feel about children, of any age, young and old.  My intention is to let everyone know how wonderful and loved they are by the Divine Spirit in their heart.  By loving yourself, just the way you are, you can live the happy life that you came here to live.

Through sharing my experiences I wish to inspire you to take small steps that put you in tune with your Divine guidance.  Connecting with your true Spirit is how you can live the most wonderful life!

I invite you to visit my blog for inspirational articles about connecting to who you truly are. I’m also available to speak on the topic of children for your group.

Dawnie brings a phenomenal heart into her work because her passion is clear and intense in helping others to heal from a variety of issues. She is a wonderful guide, a true healer and a spiritual friend.


Dawnie has an amazing ability to consistently see life through both a positive and humorous lens; her exuberance is infectious!! As a spiritual teacher Dawnie always grounds her lessons in Love, and her heartfelt words have provided the exact guidance I needed on more than one occasion.


Buddha said: The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. I believe that Dawnie has discovered a personal method of achieving this very difficult state of being.


Dawnie's presentation was uplifting, entertaining and enlightening! The Law of Attraction workshop was a refreshing topic, presented in a humorous style, which allowed the entire audience to receive the message. It should be shared with all!


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  Shhhh! Keep your voice down; you are in a whisper zone so you don’t wake the baby.   As I was holding my youngest, and only granddaughter, it reminded me of how life can start over every single day.  On June 17, 2017, Ryleigh Grace made her entrance into our world.  As she did, Brandy and Kyle joyfully became first time parents.  Kim became an aunt, and we all welcomed the first girl, after 4 delightful boys and two cute granddogs, into our growing family!  All because of one, precious little 7+ pound baby girl. New beginnings happen every… Continue Reading

Milk Your Good Feelings!

Milking good feelings is a great way to start the day!  In the mornings, just as I wake up, I begin to focus on things that make me feel good.  Why?  Because the more I pay attention to what makes me feel good, the better my days go, the more loving I am, the happier I am.  It is like surrounding myself with an invisible aura of love, peace and joy.  You could also say that it is like being wrapped in a huge lucky charm. One morning I was having a really delicious dream!  In this dream I met… Continue Reading

New Year’s Resolutions, or Not!

Isn’t it kind of crazy to think that just because we go to sleep in one year and wake up in another year that anything really changes?  It reminds me of when the calendar went from 1999 to 2000, and all the frenzy that caused!  People were stockpiling food and supplies like the world was going to end…….all because the page of the calendar turned from one century to another. I never have really understood the ‘New Year Resolutions’ propaganda, even though there were some  years that I followed the masses and set some goals.  It did not take too… Continue Reading